Navigating COVID-19 for 2022-23

We hope this school year is one where we discuss COVID-19 protocols less than the previous two + years, but in order to set the stage as we enter a new school year, the following plan has been adopted by the three school boards.  Here are items that are not in the plan:

1. Quarantine (No longer required by the US CDC for close contacts.)

2. Social Distancing  (No longer required by the US CDC)

3. Test to Stay Requirements: (Although testing is recommended to identify/rule out COVID19, the schools are no longer required to do so.)

We encourage you to see what our plan entails, especially as it pertains to our everyday strategies to keep students and staff safe, Masking determinations, and isolation periods for positive COVID-19.  

We wish you all a fantastic 2022-23 school year as we transition into the "Living with COVID-19" stage in this pandemic. 

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