Valley Unified Recruitment Efforts

As we continue to improve our recruitment efforts, we would like to share with our member communities that all job vacancies for the Valley Unified Districts, MSAD33, MSAD27, and the Madawaska School Department can be found online on our FrontLine Education Portal: 

From here, all of the positions in Valley Unified will be listed by Category or Location.  We would like to encourage each of our community members to share these vacancies with people you know, both near and far, and encourage them to apply for a new opportunity in one of our districts.  Even if you think they will not be interested, give it a try!  You never know who may be looking for a change.

Sharing one of our jobs is easy.  Just find the job listed, and under the JobID Number, you can share via email, social media, or even print out a copy. 

In addition, feel free to share each district’s recruitment brochure with any potential candidate.