Valley Unified COVID-19 Dashboard

As part of Valley Unified and the member School Administrative Units of MSAD27, MSAD33, and the Madawaska School Department to continue to communicate with the public about positive COVID-19 cases in schools, we have decided to reinstate a Valley Unified COVID-19 Dashboard, which will identify the following information for each Valley Unified School:

  • Current # of Individuals who are Required to Quarantine 
  • Current # of Individuals who are Positive for COVID-19
  • Total Cumulative Positive COVID-19 individuals since the start of the school year
Now, when a change has been made to the COVID-19 tracker for the school your child attends (or the school you work in - for staff), we will notify you of that change by email and/or texting you the link to the tracker so you have the real time data associated with the school.  

The tracker can be accessed directly here:

Each school district website will also include the link to the Dashboard for easy access.  We hope this helps increase the communication of cases in our schools.